Two player strategy board game

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Monkey Dash is a new two player strategy board game, designed and produced by British designer Rob Fisher. This is where you will find mr. bet. Follow the link!
  • Learn to play in minutes

    Monkey Dash takes only a few minutes to learn. The game comes with a full colour, illustrated, rule booklet, but you may prefer to learn the game by watching the tutorial video.
  • Fun, involving theme

    The rich and unusual theme of Monkey Dash actually helps to learn the rules of the game, since everything is consistent within the game world.
  • Quick and Addictive

    Game length varies, as with any strategy game, depending on how long each player needs to think before taking their turn. However, Monkey Dash is designed to have many quick turns, with interesting decisions being made every step of the way.
  • Unique components

    The components found in Monkey Dash have all been designed especially for the game – no more EuroGames with bland pawns or tiny coloured cubes!
  • Made in the UK

    Everything about Monkey Dash is British, from the designer, to the wood (grown and machined in the UK), through the use of local printers and packaging manufacturers, we have done our best to keep our environmental impact to a minimum.