Monkey Dash frequently asked questions

A strategy board game for two players, with monkeys and bananas. Great fun.

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  • General…

    • What inspired the theme of Monkey Dash?

      A passion for monkeys, bananas and warehouses.
  • Monkeys…

    • Can my Monkey perform a Monkey Dash directly from the Monkey Nest?

      No. Due to the change of height, you must jump up onto a Banana Crate first.
  • Power Cards…

    • How many Power Cards can I play in a single turn?

      There is no limit, so long as your hand size never exceeds three.
    • Can Monkey Leap be used to jump diagonally across an empty space?

      Yes – in fact this would be a very good use of the card.
    • Can Super Squeeze be used to move diagonally?

      Only through a gap between objects, not in open space; the Supervisor needs the leverage that the Crates provide.
  • Advanced Game…

    • I don’t seem to use Bananas much when playing the Advanced Game…

      The Advanced Game has been superseded by the Better Bananas Variant. Download the new rules HERE.